#ForNature: We are part of the solution

The kick-off activity for the campaign is the premiere of the 2021 ASEAN Biodiversity Video, which features celebrity partners of the ACB who have shared their voices to amplify the call to the public to act now for biodiversity conservation.


This virtual talk show is a platform for experts, advocates, and citizens to discuss pressing biodiversity issues and share personal experiences with ASEAN biodiversity.

ASEAN Biodiversity Heroes

With the first leg done in 2017, the ACB will reopen the ASEAN Biodiversity Heroes to recognise a new batch of ASEAN citizens who are taking action to ensure that future generations will continue to appreciate and benefit from nature.

Zooming in on Biodiversity

An ASEAN-wide photo contest on its fifth staging, Zooming in on Biodiversity continues to promote the biodiversity richness of the Region and the values of its conservation. Be sure to watch out for the date when you can start sending in your entries.

More activities will be revealed soon!


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